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FDA Issues Contraceptives Warning

Alert comes after new study finds high risk of fatal blood clots.


| Posted 6/3/11 at 11:30 AM


WASHINGTON (EWTN NEWS) — The Food and Drug Administration released a warning on May 31 that certain classes of oral contraceptives for women may cause serious and potentially fatal blood clots.

In an online alert issued Tuesday, the agency cited new studies in the British Medical Journal, which found that women taking these pills have two-to-three-times higher risk of serious clots.

Popular birth-control pills such as Yaz, Yazmin, Beyaz, Gianvi, Ocella and several other brand names are included in the warning, since they contain a hormone called drospirenone.

The FDA said it will now look “at all currently available information to fully assess the risks and benefits of drospirenone-containing birth-control pills.”

Although all contraceptives pose the risk of blood clots, pills containing drospirenone were introduced about a decade ago in the hopes that they would decrease the risk.

But on June 2, CBS News highlighted the story of Joan Cummins, whose 18-year-old daughter Michelle died of a massive blood clot in her lung in 2010, shortly after she left home for college in North Carolina.

Cummins believes that the oral contraceptive Yaz might have caused Michelle to collapse and go into cardiac arrest while walking to class last August.

“They called me from the hospital and they told me that her heart was not responding and that it wasn’t good. And that just — you never want to hear that,” Cummins told CBS.

She’s now suing the drug company Bayer for her daughter’s death.

“I’m saying it could’ve contributed to her death,” Cummins said. “A healthy, young 18-year-old woman who never had anything wrong to be taken like that, certainly something that could’ve contributed.”

The Catholic Church teaches that contraception is immoral because it purposely denies the gift of life and does not involve the total gift of self that should take place between a husband and wife.