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| Posted 5/26/11 at 9:33 PM


How to Plant a Mary Garden - Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, Catholic Exchange

On the Council of Jerusalem & the Catholicity of the Early Church - Monsignor Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Catholic Conservatives, Catholic Liberals, & the Common Good - Stephen P. White, The Catholic Thing

The Filipino Excommunication That Isn’t - Doctor Ed Peters, In the Light of the Law

UK Moves Towards a Faith-Free Workplace - Peter Saunders, MercatorNet

Supreme Court to Decide on Faith Exemption in Quebec Religion Class - Brenda Branswell, National Post/Holy Post

NYC Teacher Claims She Was Harassed, Then Fired Over Her Christian Faith - Billy Hallowell

Public Education: Absurd and Corrupt at Once - Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

Daniel Maguire: ‘Preposterous & Disingenuous’ - Phil Lawler,

Homeschoolers Sometimes: at Odds with Dioceses, Threat to Catholic Schools - Michelle Martin, Our Sunday Visitor

Quaeritur: Altar Girls Dressed as Clerics,  What to Say? - Father John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?

Chelsea Handler: Had Abortion, Hostile Towards Pregnant Teens - Steven Ertelt,

This will be a continuing series from Monday through Saturday twice a day, that I will be contributing for the National Catholic Register.  This will be very similar to what you see on