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Leadership by Love

A formative, family-friendly factoid from a recent study or survey in the news.

BY John Lilly

June 17-23, 2007 Issue | Posted 6/12/07 at 10:00 AM


When a father follows Christ, the kids follow Dad. That’s one conclusion to be drawn from surveys conducted a few years ago showing that, when a father makes a concerted effort to live out the Christian faith with dedication and zeal, the rest of his family follows his example 93% of the time. “It seems that when a man takes that kind of spiritual stand, it usually affects everyone else in the whole constellation around him, including his family and even other men that he knows,” said Rev. Rick Kingham, president of the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries, a network of 110 Protestant groups. No one wants to minimize the importance of faithful mothers, he added, but it’s clear that “fathers play a unique and special role in helping their children develop a living faith — especially their sons.”

Source: Evansville Courier & Press, June 2