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Origin of Bishop's Mitre, RIP Dr. Who Actress, No Mass on Good Friday and in Heaven, and more!

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| Posted 4/19/11 at 9:58 PM


Where Did the Bishop’s Mitre Come From? - Anthony S. Layne, The Impractical Catholic

Holy Week and Padre Pio: An Interview from 1945 A.D. - Theresa Rita, Zeal for Your House Consumes Me: Following Christ in the 21st Century

There is No Mass on Good Friday and There is No Mass in heaven - Reginaldus, The New Theological Movement

Because Christ Sacrificed Himself So That We May Live - Frank Weathers, Why I Am Catholic

New Translation:  The Roman Canon Part VI (The Words of Institution, Secunda Pars) - Jake Tawney, Roma locuta est

R.I.P.: Doctor Who Actress Elizabeth Sladen, a.k.a., Sarah Jane Smith - Kate Edwards, Australia Incognita

Don’t Water It Down - Paul Zummo, The American Catholic

Passover Is No Time To Wish For The End Of Christian America - William A. Jacobson, Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

The Predictability of the Catholic Theological Society of America - Doctor Jeff Mirus, the Culture

First Photo of Arson Damage in Sagrada Familia Basilca - Thomas Peters, Catholic Vote/American Papist

Suspicious Fire Destroys Another California Church - California Catholic Daily

Father Reese on Accountability, Jesuits in Decline - Phil Lawler, the News

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