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| Posted 4/16/11 at 2:40 PM


Eucharist and Sacrifice: Denial Resulting from Misunderstanding - Jeffrey Steel, De Cura Animarum

Gentlemen, Dress Your Age - Rich Leonardi, Ten Reasons

Legendary Saints Were Real, Buried Alive, Study Hints - Ker Than, National Geographic News

Blogs Are Read in the Vatican, Monsignor Tighe - Tancred, The Eponymous Flower

Youth Challenged to Create New Renaissance with Social Media - David Kerr, Catholic News Agency

Vatican Blognic: List of 150 Bloggers Invited to Attend in Person - Pontifical Council for Social Communications

A Daily Chronology of Jesus’ Last Week - Monsignor Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Your Ideal Life - Marge Fenelon

Louisiana Not Forced to Recognize Out-Of-State Homosexual Privileges – Kathleen Gilbert,

SNAP Judgments - Anthony S. Layne, The Impractical Catholic

Why Can’t the U.N. be Consistent? - Vincenzina Santoro, MercatorNet

Introduction to Psalm 129, Part 1: De Profundis - Kate Edwards, Australia Incognita

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