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Letters 02.13.2011

BY The Editors

February 13-26, 2011 Issue | Posted 2/4/11 at 5:56 PM


Standing Up for Life

Relevant to your coverage of the March for Life in Washington (“America Marches for Life,” Jan. 16), an excellent issue:

As reported on EWTN, it took 30 minutes for the bishops to process into the cathedral for the vigil Mass. What an unforgettable showing of unity.

This gives tremendous courage to all of us here in Canada, where socialism took root under [Pierre] Trudeau, and I pray that doesn’t happen in the U.S. It is a scourge, and even harder to get rid of.

Thank you for standing up for life ... and being a voice for the Church.

Maria Dalgarno


We had a great turnout in Dallas with cool weather and sunshine that helped us feel God’s approval for our stand for life.

We passed out Life Chain signs (that are found on for participants to carry, so observers of the March for Life would know how serious we are about rescuing babies and caring for people in crisis situations.

Sharron Albertson

Texas Life Chain director

Dallas, Texas

The national media will not report on the March for Life because it is about life and light. 

News is predominantly about darkness, and, by omission, the media keeps the truth about abortion in the dark. 

While murder and mayhem pervade the nightly news, and President Obama makes political hay about the shooting in Tucson that will be reported on for weeks, next to nothing has been written and he has said nothing about the “House of Horror” in west Philadelphia. 

There is no “Frontline” special report, no national outrage over third-term babies induced to birth and killed by Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist. 

And within hours, Obama renewed his vow in support of abortion on demand, and his popularity is on the rise again.

Gerry Zeller


No Disclosure

In the well-done Jan. 16 article “Year of the Quake,” it reports that “60% of the $82.6 million collected for Haiti went to Catholic Relief Services for humanitarian assistance and 40% to the U.S. bishops’ Subcommittee on the Church in Latin America for ecclesial needs.”

First, what is the definition of ecclesial needs? Second, I do not recall at the time of the appeal that there was disclosure to the laity that a substantial portion of the collection proceeds were to be diverted to another use.

Walter Czarnecki

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Inspirational Woman

Regarding “A Life Dedicated to Life” (Jan. 20,

Jeanne Head, you are an inspiration. I am also a pro-life nurse with neonatal ICU background. Now I teach nursing, and it is not easy to teach from a pro-life perspective in a culture where abortion is so commonplace and seen by many in the health field as “therapeutic.” 

I am inspired by your courage as a nurse, and will keep you and your work in my thoughts and prayers. 

Mary Ellen Symanski

Alvernia University

Reading, Pennsylvania

Power of Perseverance

Pertinent to your publisher’s note “Handing Off the Legacy” (Jan. 30, page 8):

I don’t have the financial difficulties you have, thank God. I’m just struggling with the problem of renewing my subscription. (I thank God that some of his people are answering God’s call to them to help with the work of the Register.)

I love reading the Register. I’ll have to make a couple of payments to renew my subscription; I’ll probably miss an edition. At least I know it will be printed still, through God’s grace. Thank you, NCRegister.

Joseph J. Pippet


Register’s Rescue

Editor’s note: We have received a flood of correspondence regarding EWTN’s acquisition of the Register. What follows is a small sampling of comments from the online announcement on and “EWTN Acquires the National Catholic Register” (page one, Jan. 30):

This is great news! I was afraid that the Register would not survive 2011 with the way the economy is, but now that it is owned by EWTN, I am much more confident that it will thrive. God always provides.

Devon Rodriguez

Good news for both EWTN and the Register. Glad to see that the paper will live on, and I’m excited about what the future will bring.


This really is excellent news. I can’t wait to see how both organizations benefit from this partnership.


Congratulations to all at EWTN and the Register.

This is a great combination, and may God continue to bless and prosper your efforts to spread the Good News throughout the world.


Hooray. I was afraid of the Register’s future also, but now with EWTN taking charge, we know that we will still be getting an “orthodox” paper, plus maybe some more columnists.

Think I will donate some extra to EWTN this month! Great story.

Rosemarie Kury

Will the Legion still be involved? It would be sad to lose Father Owen Kearns.


The editor responds: Full ownership of the Register was transferred from the Legion of Christ to EWTN Feb. 1.

This is wonderful news! You should have seen the big smile that crossed my face as I read about this.

Father Michael, O.P.

As a longtime reader of the Register, I look forward to continuing to read it under EWTN’s control.

William Hulett

Great news, and may the growth of the Register continue to spread the true light of our glorious faith.

Joe Paul

As soon as I read this yesterday, I called a good friend who doesn’t have a computer. We both watch EWTN and subscribe to the Register. We are very excited and look forward to continued watching and reading.


To all the staff at the Register and especially Father Owen Kearns, thank you for your fidelity and perseverance over the years. Your love for the truth and dedication to excellence is so very evident in the product you were able to create. My prayers forever.

Elsa Salazar

Wonderful news. I will be a new subscriber!


The grandest news of the new year thus far. EWTN and the Register together, and with other orthodox outlets, will help continue the return of America to the authentic, the real, the one, the holy, the apostolic Catholic Church.

Praise God!

Pete W.

So happy to hear of this. We need this paper, and its Catholic writers, to continue this important work.

Jeff Johnson

Thank you, EWTN. May God continue sending us his truth through EWTN and the Register.


I love this news. I liked the Register and even published an article in it once, but eventually I was turned off by its connection with the Legionaries of Christ, even though (come to think of it) I never saw anything in its pages that showed the connection. I think this very good paper will become even better under ETWN ownership.

Roseanne Sullivan