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Too Tech-Dependent?

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BY The Editors

January 30-February 12, 2011 Issue | Posted 1/21/11 at 4:25 PM


According to the recent “2011 WeTime Survey” about families’ use of electronics, both parents and kids are very much “plugged in.”

98% of families use electronics daily or multiple times per day.

35% of parents say their families “could not function” without electronics.

90% or more of parents are using computers, TVs, mobile phones and alarm clocks/clock radios every day.

Nearly 90% said their children are watching TV daily; other electronics used by children include computers (60%), alarm clocks (52%) and mobile phones (48%).

67% of children and 61% of parents game at least every few days; 44% of children and 39% of parents are playing a video game every day.

89% of families in the survey own some type of video-game console. The Wii is the favorite (39%), followed by the Xbox 360 (19%) and PS3 (14%).

As 2011 begins, Catholic families would do well to assess their technology consumption. Are you too tech-dependent?