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January 2-15, 2011 Issue | Posted 12/29/10 at 11:07 AM


“Four-month-old Indigo might not know how to walk or talk yet. But she’s already a formidable weapon in the fight against bullying.” So began a recent CNN story.

Baby Indigo’s visits to Denyse Stewart’s third-grade classroom in Toronto are part of the Roots of Empathy program that teaches empathy to students.

Mary Gordon, the program’s founder, said, “There’s something so engaging between watching the love between a parent and a baby, and since that relationship of attachment and attunement is how we develop our empathy, I thought, Well, why not bring the teachers in, the tiny teachers?”

The students enjoy the visits, according to their teacher. And the results speak for themselves.

Reported CNN, “Independent studies have found decreased aggression and increased emotional understanding among kids who have been through the program.”