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Save The Sex Offenders

BY Pat Archbold

| Posted 11/23/10 at 1:52 AM


Sex offenders don’t have much in the way of friends. Many communities restrict where sex offenders can live. Many communities put common sense restrictions on these offenders.  Can’t live or come too close to schools.  Uh huh.  Can’t live or come too close to parks.  Check.  Libraries.  I guess so.

These measures seem fine, reasonable even.  They are sex offenders after all.  Who wants them?

God.  That’s Who.

But now a Wisconsin town is considering adding to the list of places that are no-go for sex offenders.  Churches.

The Town of Delafield’s proposed ordinance would create child safety zones around schools, parks and conservation areas, the library, golf courses and movie theaters. Town officials also are considering adding churches and retreat centers to the safety zones.

Churches?  Retreat centers?

Yeah.  We sure do not people who struggle with serious sin to be able to go to a church. 

Excuse me, Delafield.  These are PEOPLE we are talking about here.  People with souls.  Sinners in need of forgiveness.  Sinners in need of support.

In our zeal to protect our communities, we should not lose sight of the fact that when we cut off the path to forgiveness and redemption to others, we cut it off for ourselves as well.