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A reader writes…

BY Mark Shea

| Posted 11/29/10 at 3:00 AM


I just stumbled on this article and thought of you (well - thought you might find it interesting anyway).

It discusses how much of a disadvantage children have in these “fragile families”.  When I read it, it struck me that much of the study is focused on avoiding children in the first place and if that fails trying making the single parent situation less fragile.  There really is not much on how to create stable marriages before having children. 

(.....Is it just possible the Pope was right about getting married before having children - and then staying married? .....)

Heh!  So true!  Again and again, our culture (especially we members of Generation Narcissus) keep discovering the truth of Mark Twain’s remark about his dad.  He said that when he was 15, his father was the stupidest man alive—and when he turned 25 he was amazed at how much the old man had learned in 10 years.

Yes, it turns out that stable families with a mom and a dad are the best gift one generation can give the next, despite the theorizing of our finest educated fools.  In other news, water has been found to be wet. :)