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Who Is the Catholic Vote?

YOU are!

BY Danielle Bean

| Posted 10/27/10 at 10:02 PM


November 2 is almost here ... are you ready to rock the Catholic vote?

Just in time for this year’s elections, has released a cool new video that shows some of the faces and reasons behind the Catholic vote.

I love how they incorporated everyday Catholics and their personal reasons for voting Catholic in this year’s elections. But what does “voting Catholic” mean?

EWTN’s Voter Guide is a good place to start researching your options and responsibilities as a Catholic voter.

Priests for Life offers a voter’s guide as well, one that elucidates the five non-negotiables: Abortion, Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Human Cloning, and Homosexual “Marriage.” If you are unfamiliar with Church teaching on any of these issues, please do click the link and check out some of the great resources Fr. Frank Pavone has assembled at Priests for Life.

It is my hope that every Catholic will watch the CatholicVote video, come up with their own reasons for rocking the Catholic vote, and then get out there to VOTE next Tuesday.

See you at the polls!