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The Catholic Or The Commie?

BY Pat Archbold

| Posted 10/14/10 at 8:54 AM


Well the debate between Senate candidates O’Donnell and Coons happened last night in Delaware wherein took place this little exchange.

“I would argue that more people would support my Catholic beliefs than his Marxist beliefs.”  I hope that is true, although since I live in New York, I am not entirely sure that is true.

That said, I think it is entirely fair to call a Marxist a Marxist.  Why this is sometimes considered name calling I don’t know.  Things are labeled for a reason.  When a guy says he was inspired to become a Democrat by his Marxist professor, I think it is entirely fair.

Now to the evolution bit.

I actually liked elements of her answer about evolution.  The relevant issue for a US Senator is whether those in Washington can dictate to a local school board what to teach.  She is right on that Washington should have no say in the matter.

I am not entirely sure why she would not directly answer the question about her belief or disbelief in evolution.  Her Catholic beliefs do not dictate an answer.  I think that many people continue to be confused on this point.  The Catholic Church has no problem with evolutionary theory, but does not endorse any scientific theory related to creation.

You can reject evolution and be Catholic.  You can accept evolution and be Catholic.

So, since Christine O’Donnell didn’t really answer the question, may I suggest a better answer.

“Do I doubt certain elements of evolutionary theory as presented? Yes.  Do I have a theological problem with the general concept of evolution?  No.  But as a Senator it is not my job to tell others what to believe or what to teach.  Catholics are not the ones with dogma on this matter, unlike Marxists like my opponent.”