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Prolife Victories

BY John Lilly

March 20-26, 2005 Issue | Posted 3/21/05 at 10:00 AM


Abortion Counseling

ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, March 2 — Florida Governor Jeb Bush unveiled a plan to spend $4 million for pre-abortion counseling modeled on a successful program in Pennsylvania that has survived two pro-abortion governors.

Florida’s Pregnancy Support Services Program will train counselors, set up a toll-free hot line, teach parenting skills and will also include a media campaign to promote abortion alternatives such as adoption.

Pure by Choice

DENVER POST, March 2 — Some 4,000 teens, young adults and parents attended the Pure by Choice rally at the Denver Coliseum. “The rally’s message was to empower youths to live purely and remain chaste,” reported the Colorado daily.

Participants who signed an abstinence contract received a ring or bracelet to symbolize their vow.

One teen, Bryanne Murphy, 17, said she and her boyfriend “have set our boundaries … because this is the most important thing for our future.” The two have faced some ridicule from peers but report that they enjoy a deeper trust from their parents.

‘Thriving’ Little Girl

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, March 2 — Beneath a headline that said, “Girl Shot in Womb Thriving Now,” the daily reported on Adriel McKinney, now 2 years old.

The news peg for the story was the conviction and sentencing of her would-be killer, hit man Jimmy Spencer, to 90 years in jail.

Adriel’s mother, Angelique, was seven months pregnant in 2002 when a masked gunman shot her five times. Spencer testified that the shooting was paid for by Adriel’s father, who had earlier pressured his wife to abort the baby.

Taking a Stand

THE SUNDAY TIMES, Feb. 27 — Opposition by English Christians to the musical Jerry Springer may limit the show’s performances and even prompt the loss of its most important financial backer.

Opposition has been led by Christian Voice, an evangelical group that has objected to the musical — based on the American television show — as it includes almost 300 swear words and features caricatures of God the Father, Our Lady, St. Joseph and a diaper-wearing Jesus who admits to being “a bit gay.”

No one opposed to the production is quoted in the story, published by the Sunday edition of the Times of London.


Believing Europe

READERS DIGEST, March — Seven out 10 Europeans believe in God, according to a representative survey conducted on behalf of the magazine.

Poland came out on top with 97% saying they believe in God, followed by Portugal (90%) and Russia (87%). At the bottom of the list are Belgium (58%), the Netherlands (51%) and the Czech Republic (37%).

One Catholic website, Spirit Daily, noted that the strong showing by Portugal as a standout among Western European countries was confirmation of Our Lady of Fatima’s assertion in the famed 1917 apparitions that Portugal would remain faithful to Catholic teaching.

Protest Matters

AGAPE PRESS.ORG, Feb. 25 — The decision last month by cable giant Adelphia Communications to cancel plans to air hard-core porn on its Southern California outlets came on the heels of effective protests by pro-family groups.

The American Family Association generated 130,000 messages to the U.S. Justice Department, and a spokeswoman for Concerned Women for America issued a pointed warning during an interview on MSNBC.

“When you distribute triple-X hard-core pornography, it’s the kind of porn that’s prosecutable under the federal obscenity laws,” said the group’s chief counsel, Jan LaRue.

Adelphia’s reversal was announced the next day.