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Caregiver Conversions

A formative, family-friendly factoid from a recent study or survey in the news.

BY John Lilly

May 20-26, 2007 Issue | Posted 5/15/07 at 10:00 AM


A survey released earlier this spring indicates that about one-third of the 20 million Americans caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease have become “more religious” because of the experience. Federal funding for Alzheimer’s research is headed toward the $1 billion mark, but, as the survey results imply, people are aware that even modern medicine has its limitations. “When it gets down to illness and you are facing the ultimate realities, you could have all the science in the world, but you’re really facing humanity,” a clergyman said in reaction to the survey. “There’s an old saying, ‘there’s no atheists in the foxholes,’ and it’s sort of like that.”

Source: Los Angeles Times, March 14