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Campus Watch 05.20.2007

Higher ed in the headlines.

BY John Lilly

May 20-26, 2007 Issue | Posted 5/15/07 at 9:00 AM


Campus Revival

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 2 — Even the sometimes faith-unfriendly New York Times is noticing the religious resurgence taking place at American colleges.

In an article headlined “Matters of Faith Find a New Prominence on Campus,” the nation’s unofficial “newspaper of record” cited polling data and anecdotal evidence of renewed interest in religion.

And, The Times noted, the trend is visible even at secular bastions like Harvard.

Peter Gomes, a Baptist minister who teaches religion at Harvard, said, “There is probably more active religious life now than there has been in 100 years.”

Faith-Filled Profs

INSIDEHIGHERED.COM, May 7 — More confirmation that belief in God is alive on American campuses has come from a new survey by the Institute for Jewish & Community Research.

Sixty-five percent of 1,300 faculty members surveyed by the institute said they believe in God; 46% reported having a “personal relationship with God”; 73% want their children to have “some religious training”; and 84% agreed that certain moral values should apply to all cultures.

Ambitious Plans

SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE, May 6 — The University of Notre Dame is more than halfway to its goal of raising $1.5 billion to improve the university.

According to the Tribune, the target is the largest fundraising effort in the history of Catholic education. Over the last three years, Notre Dame has raised $887 million, or 59% of its goal. The fundraising campaign will continue until 2011.

Notre Dame plans to spend the money in four areas — undergraduate education, research and graduate studies, diversity and international studies, and Catholic intellectual life.