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In Which We Discover Why I'm Probably Not the Best Guy to Ask That Question

BY Mark Shea

| Posted 7/12/10 at 2:00 AM


A reader writes:

If you had one pro-life question to ask a group of Republican senatorial candidates during a public forum, what would you ask?  I have been asked to submit a question for a local forum and I’m having a hard time choosing the right question.

I’m probably the wrong guy to ask.  If it were me it would be something like, “How come after 30 years of promises, you guys have delivered a sub-Carthaginian culture and system of laws, some Supreme Court justices that either regard Roe as ‘settled law’ or have actively worked to expand the abortion license with nonsense like Kennedy’s ‘Mystery Clause’, and a Massachusetts GOP senator who is so prolife that he ardently supports Roe, ESCR *and* the use of torture?  Why should I ever take seriously any Republican politician who claims to be prolife when so many of you can’t even be bothered to show up on Roe v. Wade day and are famous for phoning it in and keeping prolifers at arm’s length?  Isn’t it obvious that you’ve been making empty promises for three decades, delivering the absolute bare minimum while you pursued your real agendas, scaring me into voting for you again with the threat that Dems would give us justices like O"Connor, Blackmun, Kennedy and Souter in order to keep my vote on the GOP reservation and giving me nothing but dubious wars, torture, and a ruined economy in return?  Between the Torture Party pretending to care about the unborn and the Abortion Party pretending to care about the poor, why on earth should I not vote for a doomed quixotic third party candidate who is not a complete slave to corporate interests?  At least my conscience will be clean.  Indeed, I believe I will do so.  So never mind answering the question.  So long!” 

But that’s just me. :)