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Out of the Choir and into the Fire

BY Matthew Warner

| Posted 7/1/10 at 6:20 PM


One of the challenges of sharing the Gospel is to actually share it with people who haven’t heard it yet. It’s easy to stay in our nice, safe bubbles and preach to the choir all day long. And pat each other on the back as we continually reaffirm our common beliefs.

But we are called to much more than that. There are some great adventures out there just waiting to be had. And one of the vehicles for such ventures is fast, free and at your fingertips.

New Media has made it easier than ever to step out of the choir and into the fire. And even the choirs are having more and more inadvertent seekers wander by and listen in.

Fr. Barron just released his latest video and he hits on precisely this blessing of an opportunity we’ve been given:

My favorite part is the joy with which Fr. Barron greets the great number of negative comments and responses he sometimes gets. Such joy is truly the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Our great faith foundation and the Hope that comes with it equips us more than any other people to jump into the fire…and still smile even when it burns.

We’ve already won, people. We just have to tell others about it. Once people know who the winner’s going to be, everyone wants to be on their side. It really is as easy as that. So don’t be afraid to step out there. Don’t be afraid to lose a few battles along the way. Don’t get discouraged when things don’t go as planned. Don’t give up when people laugh at you. Just smile. And go again. Leave the rest to God.