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Media 'Accidentally' Trashes Palin

BY Danielle Bean

| Posted 6/26/10 at 8:19 PM


After posting about Sarah Palin’s feminism yesterday, I thought I should also point to this weekend news story involving the former governor of Alaska:

Journalists Trash Palin Speech

Apparently, there was an open mic “incident” after Sarah Palin’s speech at a fundraising dinner at California State University in Turlock, California. After she spoke, some journalists covering the event, who apparently did not know there was an open mic broadcasting their conversations, were heard saying things like,

“I don’t know how you’re gonna make a story out of that”


“Now I know, the dumbness doesn’t come from just soundbites”

Actually, I think this is a non-story. Is anyone truly shocked to find out that journalists are not fans of Sarah Palin? And that they privately say mean things about her?

These kinds of “open mic incidents” always give me pause, though. I wonder if some of them are even staged to create a political story. In the end, though, I think the idea of “accidental broadcasting” teaches all of us a lesson.

I know I am not always careful and charitable in the things I say. How many of us would find ourselves in hot water if our private conversations about other people were broadcast to the public?

Something to think about this weekend. And work on.