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More News from the Country that Used to be England

BY Mark Shea

| Posted 5/4/10 at 3:00 AM


Where to begin?  Where to begin?

Well, after yesterday’s bit on the ongoing derangement of the man who used to be Phillip Pullman (there’s something deeply corrosive to the intellect in all this New Atheist stuff.  It turns finely honed minds and brilliant imaginations into bag ladies who scream at the traffice of bores on park benches who turn every conversation back to the focus of their monomania), today we have more evidence that England is in the final stages of a sort of cultural senile dementia.  Time used to be that England was the country where every religion was equally superior to the Catholic Faith (aka “Romanism” or “Popery”).  That, of course, still holds.  But increasingly, it’s also becoming the country where all religions are equally superior to Christianity.

Case in point, this poor schlep who made the grave mistake of saying that homosexual practice is a sin while not being a Muslim.  The gay cop who busted him is, of course, completely impartial and well qualified to protect Britons from ThoughtCrime.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Old Blighty, a judge decreed that if you are an Evangelical (or any other Christian) who declines to offer marriage counseling to gay people who pretend to be married, then you can get canned because, hey!, your faith is has not basis in factual evidence, is purely subjective, and therefore has not standing whatsoever in a court of law.  So much for the demonstrations of St. Thomas, the historical evidence for the Resurrection, and the entire documented history of the Church.

Meanwhile, what is not purely subjective is… the feelings and desires of gay people at this moment (until the denizens of this highly promiscuous culture move on to new partners.  So, in the Land that Used to Be England, whatever your groin is saying at the moment is factual, while 2000 years of Christian civilization is “subjective” and insubstantial.

This does not mean that England is about to disappear in a puff of relativism, however.  Relativism doesn’t work that way.  Get rid of the Big Laws, says Chesterton, and you don’t get freedom.  You don’t even get anarchy.  You get the small laws.

Case in point:

A [UK] pensioner who put up a red, white and blue election poster telling voters to kick out MPs was accused of racism by police.

After being inundated by canvassing politcians, Roy Newman, 74, decided to tell other voters: ‘GET THE LOT OUT.’

But 90 minutes after he put up the homemade sign up in an upstairs room at his house, two police officers arrived and threatened with arrest. (...)

He said : ‘Three years ago vandals put a brick through my window and when I called the police all they offered me was a crime reference number.

‘Put up a poster and a police car with two uniformed officers arrives quick as a flash - it’s unbelievable.’

Question the Regime and the Regime will not be all squishy and tolerant.  The Regime will brand you and treat you like a criminal.

Today, England.  Tomorrow, the Anglosphere.