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Save the Earth, Catholic Vote Style

BY Danielle Bean

| Posted 4/14/10 at 10:00 AM


You know what I like about

They understand that the most effective pro-life message is a positive one. A beautiful one. One that speaks to people’s hearts.

And their latest campaign is no exception. Their talented team has come up with an ad for this year’s annual Earth Day celebration that you’ll need to see for yourself to appreciate.

Catholic Vote explains their approach this way:

“Why not show the world the way Earth Day should be celebrated – by celebrating nature’s greatest gift – human life.

Our goal is to use Earth Day to get Americans to think more deeply about what it means to truly respect the Earth and creation. Trendy environmental groups too often view humans as the enemy of nature. We believe human beings are God’s greatest creation, and the Earth’s greatest resource.

Help us place these giant 12-foot long posters on buses, subways and trains traveling through Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco. Let’s glorify the Creator by transforming Earth Day into a celebration of His gift of life.”

What a wonderfully positive way to take up a popular theme—Earth Day—and inject it with the truth of God’s plan for creation.

If you are able, I hope you’ll consider supporting Catholic Vote’s effort to put this compelling pro-life ad on as many buses as possible.