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Movie Review Haiku!

BY Steven D. Greydanus

| Posted 4/8/10 at 10:37 AM


Regular readers know I like to write long. Word count is my enemy. Why write 900 words if you can write 1500? That’s my motto.

Recently, though, I threw word count to the winds and tried something new: counting syllables. Seventeen syllables, to be exact. I’ve written reviews in verse before, but my >Dr. Seuss reviews ran as long as I felt like, and even my Scooby Doo review got 24 lines plus annotations.

Well, no more. Behold the rigor of … haiku review!

1. Xanadu is dark
He had it all, then lost it
Rosebud is no more.

2. It was a great show
Tokyo calls, you don’t hear Buzz
Not your finest hour.

3. They awakened us
Called from the moon and beyond
Childhood starts anew.

4. She watched from the tree
Now the moon reaches for her
Who will miss the boat?

5. Heroes aren’t wanted
An old fan shakes all you love
You should have been kind.

6. Lie boldly, sweet girl
And speak truth more bravely still
See, the sun still shines.

7. No more us and them
You can’t go home, but he can
You see through new eyes.

8. Together again
Past fire and tears. Nothing left
But a battered tin.

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