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Is Lin Yu Chun the Next Susan Boyle?

BY Danielle Bean

| Posted 4/7/10 at 6:19 PM


First there was Paul Potts. Then came Susan Boyle.

Now meet Tawain’s Lin Yu Chun.

Why are we such suckers for musical moments like these? Why are we so moved when we find beauty in unexpected places?

Of course it has everything to do with the element of surprise—that such sound, such talent, and such beauty can come from a middle aged man with bad teeth, a frumpy woman with bad eyebrows ... or a pudgy pre-adolescent boy in Taiwan.

Naturally, some parts of these TV moments are manufactured or played up for drama’s sake, but when we are moved by moments like these, there is something real going on there too.

Dare I quote my own father, the philosophy professor who was moved to tears upon seeing the original Paul Potts video years ago? Yes, I do:

“These are not tears of sorrow, but are provoked by something beautiful and heroic—like people weeping spontaneously in the presence of Mother Teresa. Mr. Potts’ success is wonderful in itself but also very evocative, I find.  It suggests to me many larger, nobler truths.  For example, humility is lovable to both God and man. We cheer the underdog and rejoice when he triumphs, especially when all the odds are against him.  Even higher thoughts come to mind. One spiritual writer said unlike the angels, man’s greatness is hidden. In his body of clay resides an immortal soul.  On the Last Day when the humble are exalted and the meek inherit the earth we shall see the most perfect examples of heroism of which Mr. Pott’s beautiful singing is a remote and imperfect symbol.”

Amen, Dad. And thanks for the glimpse of grace, Lin Yu Chun.