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Modernizing the Rosary

BY Tim Drake

| Posted 4/5/10 at 8:49 AM


There isn’t a lot of new information in the Wall Street Journal’s article about re-tooling the Rosary, but it’s nice to see the secular press publish a story on the Rosary, especially one that takes a look at men and the Rosary. Since the Journal’s article doesn’t provide links, I thought I would direct readers to helpful links mentioned in the Journal article, as well as adding a few additional helpful Rosary-related links.

It’s always fascinating to me how Catholics will take something like the ancient prayer of the Rosary and update it to make it accessible for modern times and places.

In the Journal article, we learn about David Calvillo’s efforts to get men to pray the ancient prayer, through the creation of his Real Men Pray the Rosary online group.

We also learn about modern iPhone Rosary applications, although the article doesn’t send the reader to any of them. There’s the Holy Rosary app, the Holy Rosary Deluxe Version, and iRosary, all for a cost. There are also some free Rosary iPhone apps available, such as Santo Rosario.

You don’t need an iPhone to pray the Rosary online. There are a multitude of online Rosaries. I once used this online Rosary to pray with my wife and children, just for something a little different.

Sister Mary Agnes, co-founder of the Rochester, NH-based Daughters of Mary, Mother of Healing Love, created the world’s first Facebook Rosary, an application that helps people to pray the Rosary while on Facebook. Thus far, more than one million people have viewed (and most likely prayed) the application. More than 4,000 users across all six continents have added it to their social media bookmarks.

“The fact is that a lot of people are searching through the social media. They’re looking for something; they’re trying to fill a void,” said Sister Mary Agnes. “I’m trying to make sure that what I add into that void is something good and useful.”

Sister Mary Agnes developed the application while in an e-commerce class at San Diego’s John Paul the Great Catholic University.

The Journal article also includes information about Greg and Jennifer Willits’ Rosary Army, which distributes and teaches others how to make hand-made nylon Rosaries.

eRosary, sponsored by the Rosary Foundation, is a thorough web site that offers great information on the history of the Rosary, online Rosary groups, and much more.

For those looking to purchase a Rosary or Rosary-related gift, has an extensive collection of products available through their web site.

It’s clear that the Rosary is a prayer for all time, and it’s a prayer that’s here to stay. If you have a favorite Rosary web site or application, feel free to mention it below in the comment section.