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TV Picks April 8 - 14

BY Daniel J. Engler

April 8-14, 2007 Issue | Posted 4/3/07 at 9:00 AM


SUNDAY, 4:30 a.m., live

Solemn Mass of Easter

EWTN Jesus Christ is risen today. Alleluia! Pope Benedict XVI celebrates Mass at St. Peter’s and afterwards blesses the city of Rome and the entire world.

MONDAY, 10:30 p.m.

When Parents Are Deployed

PBS This special looks at how overseas deployment of a father — or mother — in wartime affects children. Sesame Street’s producers, Wal-Mart and others are sponsoring nearly 400,000 “Talk, Listen, Connect” kits to help military families help their kids cope with the absence of Mom or Dad.


Live With Passion

Familyland TV Each week, Passionist Father Cedric Pisegna uses Scripture, Tradition, stories and personal experiences to help draw his viewers ever closer to Jesus.


Shroud of Christ?

PBS In this episode of Secrets of the Dead, scientists and researchers examine new evidence that the carbon testing of samples from the Shroud of Turin in 1988 was flawed. A re-air from 2004. Advisory: Most of the experts are pro-shroud, but one is a skeptic.


Fat: What No One Is Telling You

PBS In this new two-hour special, doctors explain biological and environmental aspects of obesity and offer parents tips on how to save children from becoming overweight.

FRIDAY, 10 a.m. (tape delay), 5 p.m.

National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

EWTN This 90-minute broadcast covers this year’s fourth annual gathering of Catholic religious and political leaders in our nation’s capital. Washington Archbishop Donald Wuerl’s topic for his keynote address is “Christianity and Our National Identity.”


Realfaith TV

COMCAST This Catholic teen-issues show, produced by young people in the Diocese of Trenton, N.J., airs on local cable in Philadelphia, New Jersey, the New York City area, Baton Rouge, Boston and Detroit, as well as online at Today’s episode is “Sharing Your Faith vs. Being Pushy with People.”

SATURDAY, 8 p.m.


EWTN On the night before this year’s Divine Mercy Sunday, here is the true story of St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938), the Polish nun to whom Jesus communicated the Divine Mercy devotion. Jesus said of Divine Mercy Sunday, “On that day the very depths of My tender Mercy are open … The soul that will go to Confession [beforehand] and receive Holy Communion [that day] shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment. … Let no soul fear to draw near to me, though its sins be as scarlet.”

Dan Engler writes from
Santa Barbara, California.