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BY John Lilly

April 1-7, 2007 Issue | Posted 3/27/07 at 9:00 AM


Priest: Follow in St. Joseph’s Footsteps

Catholic priest Joaquim Eugénio urged fathers to take their lead role within the family seriously, in order to create a feeling of security and love, AllAfrica reported.

Speaking March 19 in Luanda, Angola, on the feast day of St. Joseph, Father Eugénio added, “The father must be the link, the channel and the source of offspring of the values that the child must inherit in his process of growth and maturation.”

He said that the man that takes this responsibility to heart is being “everything for his child.”

Museum Dedicated to the Culture of Death

A Vienna abortionist opened the first museum to pay homage to abortion and contraception, reported Deutsche Welle.

Dr. Christian Fiala, chairman of the International Association of Abortion and Contraception Specialists, came up with the idea to show the progress of women’s rights over the years, but has succeeded standing as a testament to Christian Europe’s population crisis. Many countries on the continent do not have enough population growth to offset the mortality rate, and it cannot keep its economy going without a heavy influx of immigrants.

Latin Mass Society Welcomes Sacramentum Caritatis

According to Independent Catholic News, The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales hopes Pope Benedict’s exhortation on the Eucharist, will stabilize and “re-sacrilize” the Mass.

John Medlin, general manager of the society, said the document’s call to more silent prayer, wider use of Latin and Gregorian chant, and the central position of the tabernacle in churches would reconnect the Church to its centuries-old liturgical tradition.