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Archbishop Dolan's Rockin' Little Book

BY Danielle Bean

| Posted 3/16/10 at 5:01 PM


My day job requires un-knotting soggy shoelaces and retrieving sippy cups from beneath the sofa cushions.

I might have been in some other lifetime, but these days I am absolutely not what anyone would call a “heavy reader.”

Give me blogs. Give me magazines. Give me bite-sized daily readings and prayers.

Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered that my favorite book to cross my desk (okay, so it was my kitchen counter) this month was written by an Archbishop!

What New York’s Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan has accomplished in Doers of the Word: Putting Your Faith Into Practice is darn near miraculous.

This collection of reflections, prayers, and bite-sized homilies gives the reader practical spiritual inspiration that sticks with you ... long after you put the book down to drive someone to basketball practice.

Archbishop Dolan’s reflections are clear and to the point. The stories he shares are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes deep, and always real. He doesn’t write from some lofty perch, looking down on the rest of us. He writes from real life—chatting with strangers at the airport, in the backseat of a taxi cab, or doing his best to pray in a peaceful chapel at his former home in Wisconsin and in his noisy, bustling new home of New York.

You can keep this book at hand and read it in snippets throughout your day. Its mix of Scripture, stories, and reflections would make for great discussion fodder in a prayer group too.

Archbishop Dolan truly gets it (He blogs!) and I just love the way he shares it with the rest of us.

Doers of the Word is nothing heavy. And yet it’s everything that matters. Just as I like it.