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Child of Rape Is a Child of God

BY Danielle Bean

| Posted 3/10/10 at 6:00 PM


Ryan Bomberger was conceived in 1970 ... when his mother was raped.

His mother made the heroic choice to carry him to term, and he became the first of ten children to be adopted and raised by a Christian family.

He’s since been doing all that he can to make good on the opportunity for success, love, and life his mother’s sacrifice secured for him. Today, his life, his music, and his work bear powerful witness to the grace that comes from choosing life.

“Is a child ever unwanted?” the video asks, and “We’re all wanted by someone,” it answers at the end.

I am truly touched by the tasteful, simple way Ryan has dedicated his life to giving back and fighting the notion that abortion is any kind of “choice” at all.

On his website, Ryan shares:

“Though I was a child of rape, I was always a child of God. And today I am someone whose life has meaning. Thank you Mom and dad for loving me. Thank you, my irreplaceable brothers and sisters, for forever inspiring me and making me laugh ‘til it hurts. With nothing less than passionate ambition and fervor, I pursue my destiny.”

I read these words and can’t help but think of the similar thoughts and feelings other “unwanted” “not supposed to be” unborn babies would share, if only they were given the chance.