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Big Abortion Is Scared

BY Matthew Archbold

| Posted 3/9/10 at 10:13 AM


Big Abortion is scared. They’re scared to death that America is slowly trending towards life. They’re scared of the hundreds of thousands of people who march on Washington every year. They’re scared of the wonderful, prayerful and effective 40 Days for Life vigils outside abortion clinics across the country. But mostly they’re scared of science.

So they’ve sought to silence pro-lifers. Heck, they’ve trained the media as their attack dogs so well that we’re not even called pro-lifers. We’re anti-abortionists. Big Abortion has sought to legally institute bubble zones and “no speech” zones around clinics. They try to mocking the effectiveness of abstinence to diminish it. They desperately seek to hinder the ability of pro-lifers to speak with abortion minded women.

But mostly they seek to prevent women from seeing their babies in ultrasounds because they know that a woman who looks at an ultrasound will recognize the humanity of the unborn child within her womb.

West Virginia and Utah may be joining a number of states in calling for abortion minded women to at least have the option view an ultrasound of their baby.

This, of course, has rankled and distressed many pro-choicers including Democrat Barbara Fleischauer of the West Virginia House who said that the bill “reminds me of potty training…when you take somebody’s nose and rub it in the poop.”

Firstly, I’m glad I’m not one of her kids. Secondly, I’m assuming the baby is the “poop” in this lovely metaphor, something to be scooped up and tossed?

Fleischauer continued by saying that with the legislation, “we are basically trying as much as we can to force-feed information to women who are supposedly ... capable of independent thought.”

But isn’t it good to give more information to women? When did independent thought mean uninformed? When did giving as little information as possible become a goal in making medical decisions.

The real reason for the outlandish attacks against these laws is that the ultrasound is the greatest life saving tool we have. No longer can pro-choicers get away with calling a baby a “blob of tissue.” Image Clear Ultrasound operates seven motor home-based ultrasound clinics around the country. Their website makes the startling claim that “at least 80 percent of abortion-minded women change their minds when they see their unborn baby on ultrasound.”

We all know of the recent pro-life conversion of Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson after watching an abortion on an ultrasound.

The Reproductive Health Reality Check website called ultrasound laws “a wasteful, bullying tactic.”

Columbia Law Professor Carol Sanger, called the ultrasound laws “another weapon in the arsenal of anti-abortion forces.”

The Portland Mercury wrote: “This sounds like a terrible joke. Sure, it’s still legal to have an abortion, but first you must STARE YOUR FETUS IN ITS TINY UNFORMED FACE! Aaaghhh!”

Vince Hall, vice president of communications with Planned Parenthood San Diego, critiqued in the mobile ultrasound clinics by saying, “It’s misleading and it’s unethical to advertise yourself as a quasimedical resource center when your entire operation is guided by only one thing.”

Yes. We all hate those clinics that are guided by the one principle of saving lives.

The abortion industry is so scared to death of ultrasounds that their only hope of profiting from death is to not have abortion minded women unwittingly walk into a crisis pregnancy center. In order to ensure that, Big Abortion is bullying cities to pass laws forcing crisis pregnancy centers to have signs stating that they don’t perform abortions.

LifesiteNews reported yesterday that pro-lifers handed out coupons for free ultrasounds to women entering abortion clinics to great effect in Kentucky and Michigan.

The choices are clear. Pro-lifers are embracing science while pro-choicers are still trying to turn out the lights. We’re winning. Not fast enough for anyone. But we’re winning. And they’re scared.