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The Apostolic Palace - Behind the Scenes

BY Edward Pentin

| Posted 3/3/10 at 7:13 PM


RAI Vaticano on Facebook have posted a fascinating behind the scenes look at a day in the life of the Holy Father, recorded in 2007.

To view it, go to this page and click on ‘LA GIORNATA DI PAPA BENEDETTO SOTTO LA TELECAMERA CTV-DE CARLI [HQ]’ towards the bottom. (The link below that one shows the Pope celebrating Mass in his private chapel).

Although the commentary is in Italian, the pictures are mostly self-explanatory. It might be helpful also to watch it alongside this article I wrote on the documentary back in 2008 before it was sold to other broadcasters.

Rai Uno aired the documentary, filmed by Vatican Television Center, on the Holy Father’s 80th birthday. After some archive footage, it shows Pope Benedict XVI giving his Angelus address. It then follows him celebrating Mass in his private chapel at 7am,  reading the morning papers, attending his weekly general audience in the “Paul VI” hall. It also shows cooks preparing his lunch, moments of rest and prayer, and the Holy Father catching up with the latest news on television in the evening.