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When Oprah Learned the Rosary

BY Tim Drake

| Posted 2/26/10 at 8:30 AM


While television viewers were treated to a rare look inside the convent of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist on Oprah, even more interesting is what took place off-camera. At the end of show, the order’s founders presented Oprah with a gift.

“No one ever gives me a present,” responded Oprah.

According to Sister Teresa Benedicta, who told this story to the Ave Maria Founders Club gathering at The Bean coffee shop in Ave Maria, Fla., this past Tuesday, Oprah was presented with a Rosary handmade for her, and was taught how to pray it.

“She seemed really interested,” said Sister Teresa Benedicta, who teaches at the Donahue Academy in Ave Maria.

Sister Teresa was on-hand to share the compelling testimony of her humanist parents’ conversion to Catholicism and her own story of being drawn to religious life.

Interest in the order has increased since the television program. Sister Teresa Benedicta said that before the program, the order had 70 women signed up for an upcoming retreat. After the broadcast, the number grew to 135.

Sister Teresa Benedicta added that the order is also considering the possibility of expanding to add another foundation house, possibly in either Texas or California. The order is currently at capacity, has 98 sisters, and desires that each convent/house not grow beyond 100.