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Our Battle Of The Bulge

BY Pat Archbold

| Posted 2/23/10 at 2:00 PM


Ten months ago, the Democrats began their campaign for perpetual political dominance through the bureaucratic machine. Health care became their battle of choice. A theoretical filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and a huge numerical advantage in the House gave the Democrats a lot of firepower and they certainly had the will to use it. They made the decision that they would dominate the continent and usher in a political dynasty.  One of the first tasks of the newly-established dynasty would be to use the machinery of state to systematically exterminate a class of people—the unborn.  A horrible vision of the future emerged, yet it seemed that pro-lifers were powerless to stop it.

But then last summer a ragtag group of allies, including fiscal-conservatives, pro-lifers, pensioners, and disillusioned independents joined forces to hand the Democrats unlikely defeat, after unlikely defeat, culminating in the most unlikely election of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts. To many it seemed that victory over the forces of death via health care was imminent and that all that remained was the signing of some sort of peace treaty.

Many, including me, assumed that the peace treaty would come in the form of some more modest health care proposals that would gain some level of bipartisan support and allow President Obama and the Democrats to point to at least some face-saving progress on health care, while allowing Republicans to claim victory in stopping the worst ravages of the initial proposals. Instead, the President and the Democrats decided to launch their own Battle of the Bulge.

After the Normandy invasion in the summer of 1944, the Allies advanced quickly against German forces in Europe. The Allies’ supply lines had been stretched thin and our forces became weary as winter settled in. It seemed as if ultimate allied victory was inevitable and some hoped that Germany would soon sue for peace. That was not to be.

Relieved of the need to defend the vast territories of Western Europe, the Germans could concentrate their forces on defending the homeland and on December 16, 1944 they launched the Battle of the Bulge. Rather than accept defeat, the Germans doubled-down and threw all they had at the Allies in an effort to break their resolve.

Politically, we find ourselves in a similar situation now. We thought victory over government-run health care and the federally-funded abortion that comes with it was ours. Instead, the Obama administration has doubled-down with a new and unexpected assault. The president has vowed to use the reconciliation process to push through this bill even over the continued expressed wishes of the American people.

Like our troops in the Ardennes forest during that cold winter of ‘44-‘45, we grow weary. After fighting battles for months, just when victory seemed in sight, the other side has commenced a massive new offensive. Just like the German high command, the Democrats question the Republican morale and willingness to continue fighting.

Can the forces that fought so hard against this bill during the bulk of 2009 muster enough fight to finally defeat it? Will their morale finally break?

By December 21, 1944 the German forces surrounded the town of Bastogne and the situation for the allied forces in the town was tough to say the least. Food was scarce and ammunition was almost gone. It seemed hopeless. The German commander, Generalleutnant Heinrich Freiherr von Lüttwitz, sent a request for surrender to the Allied commander in Bastogne, General Anthony McAuliffe.

General McAuliffe responded to the request for surrender with one word. The word needed to be explained to the German commander because he had no idea what it meant.

General McAuliffe responded to that request for surrender with one simple word.


The Germans attacked Bastogne, but the Allies held and the German offensive was defeated.

Today, the Obama administration similarly tests our resolve. We are tired and battle-weary and they want to know what we will do. Will we give up? Will we fold even though we have come so far? Will we surrender?

To this I can only reply, “Nuts!”