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Favorite Catholic Viral Videos

BY Tim Drake

| Posted 2/18/10 at 12:54 PM


If you’re email box is anything like mine, it’s hard to sift through all the mail, appeals, spam, and viral videos.

It’s not often that I come across something worth sharing with others, but I found the following two videos insightful and worthwhile.

The first, produced by the Population Research Institute, is the latest in their creative Pop 101 series. It explores the myth of overpopulation and shares information that you don’t find elsewhere.

The second is produced by Father Robert Barron’s apostolate, Word on Fire. In the video, Father Barron reviews the new Denzel Washington film, “The Book of Eli.”

While in the airport recently, a fellow passenger saw me reading the book “Fatherless” by Brian Gail. She asked me about the book. As I had just started it, I couldn’t tell her much about it, but did tell her that it grabbed my attention. Before boarding the plane, she told me she had recently seen “The Book of Eli” with her husband.

“I don’t usually like violent action films, but I really liked it,” she said.

Barron compares the film’s message with that of medieval monasteries. It’s a fascinating comparison. But be forewarned. If you haven’t seen the film, his review does have some spoilers.

The advent of online videos is really quite remarkable. While motion pictures still have their place, individuals and organizations have captured the power of the Internet to immediately share compelling, entertaining, and humorous video shorts to educate, inform, and evangelize. It’s a powerful medium with the ability to convey powerful messages.

Do you have a favorite viral video with a Catholic theme? If you do, post a link in the comment boxes below and share it with our readers.