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Oprah's Nuns

BY Tim Drake

| Posted 2/10/10 at 5:55 PM


In case you missed yesterday’s appearance of the Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist on Oprah, her website has three short video segments that you can watch.

Correspondent Lisa Ling spent time talking with the sisters and stayed overnight in the convent. The program provides an honest, fair, and rare look inside one of the Church’s growing female religious orders. In the videos, we get to see the sisters praying, playing floor hockey, teaching, and eating in silence. They talk about the families and jobs they left and the importance of silence. Perhaps predictably, both Oprah and Ling focus upon sexuality more than necessary, yet the response of the sisters was wonderful.

The average age, as noted in one of the videos is 26. I first wrote about this order and many others in my 2004 book “Young and Catholic: The Face of Tomorrow’s Church.” They are a real bright spot for the future of the Church. No doubt the national television coverage will spur a few vocational calls.

You’ll find the videos here:

A Day in the Life of Nuns

Overnight at a Convent

Nuns Reflect on Silence

Here’s the full story.

What did you think of the program’s coverage?