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Higher ed in the headlines.

BY John Lilly

March 18-24, 2007 Issue | Posted 3/13/07 at 9:00 AM


Narcissism Knockout

FELLOWSHIP OF CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY STUDENTS (FOCUS), March 2 — A relationship with Christ is key to helping college students combat the pervasive selfishness of contemporary America, according to a group representing Catholic students. Responding to a recent psychological study that found that today’s college students are significantly more narcissistic than students 25 years ago, Focus president and founder Curtis Martin highlighted the importance of developing a relationship with God. “The solution to this problem is not to stop telling young people that they’re special but rather to tell them why and to call them to the greatness that they were made for,” Martin said. “Young people are introduced to the person of Jesus Christ and recognize that this is precisely what they are made for.”

Court Victory

INSIDEHIGHERED.COM, March 6 — In a 4-3 decision, the California Supreme Court ruled March 5 that even “pervasively sectarian” colleges can have government bonds issued on their behalf. Inside Higher Education described the decision, in a case involving three Protestant schools, as “a major win for religious colleges.” To be eligible for state government-bond issues, religious colleges must offer a wide range of courses, and the facilities funded by the bonds must be used in ways similar to facilities at secular institutions.

Alito Appearance

SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE, March 5 — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr. will deliver the 2007 commencement address May 19 at St. Mary’s College. St. Mary’s is a private women’s Catholic college that is a sister school of the University of Notre Dame. Alito is one of five Catholics currently serving on the Supreme Court.