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BY Father Owen Kearns, LC

February 14-27, 2010 Issue | Posted 2/8/10 at 2:00 AM


Imagine, if you will, the impact that could be made on life in America by a critical mass of Catholics with well-informed minds, properly formed consciences and highly motivated spirits.

Here at the Register we go through that kind of hopeful-thinking exercise — subconsciously, if not intentionally — every day. In fact, it’s a big part of what drives our work.

But about that critical mass: We need your help to grow our readership to its full potential. And there are some concrete things you can do. Recommend us to every Catholic you know — friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. If they express interest, e-mail their name and address to We’ll send out a sample issue and a three-free-issues offer. Or go to and earn a $12 commission on every subscription you sell.

More ideas: Offer your back issues as samples to friends and neighbors at your parish. Give gift subscriptions to family members who would benefit by our work as much as you do. Ask your pastor to order a bulk subscription for your parish.

Remember: The more readers on the Register’s rolls, the more Register-informed Catholics in the world. That can only be a good thing for the Church and the world.

God bless you.