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Join the Bishops' Battle

BY Tom Hoopes

| Posted 3/21/09 at 6:20 AM


If you have ever complained that the bishops haven’t done enough on a particular issue, now’s your chance to prove that you weren’t just complaining.

Imagine the president were backing a bill to force Jews to eat pork — or to make Muslims desecrate the Koran. Obama is doing worse with an effort to force Catholic doctors to kill unborn children.

The bishops have reacted with intelligence, imagination and boldness.

Here’s the webpage they have set up.

There find reasons to stand up for conscience rights — given in written and video form, and even in Spanish. Find links that will allow you to make your voice heard at Health and Human Services.

If you think the bishops should do this sort of thing, then please go and help protect conscience rights. And get others to do the same thing.

If we want bishops to lead, we had better show them that we’re willing to follow.