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BY Tom Hoopes

| Posted 3/14/09 at 5:43 AM


An official at the Connecticut Department of Children and Families told me yesterday he plans to take down the more egregious pages at—but has not yet done so.

I’ve got some more they ought to look at: It turns out the site also provides direct links to political action groups.

The Register broke the story that is giving the public a preview of what the state’s new “SB 899” homosexual “marriage” bill will look like. The bill codifies what the Connecticut court did last year—and goes even further.

We reported that provides this (pdf format) “Gay Bible” curriculum, and this “Don’t Tell Your Parents!” info for kids.

Now, it turns out the website also includes political action links. Go here to find a link to the “Human Rights Campaign.”

Anyone who goes there will immediately be confronted with a “Laws & Elections” button. also includes a link to “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” which takes you directly to a Planned Parenthood page with an “Issues and Action” link on it. also uses taxpayer money to categorize churches and promote doctrinal change in Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and other churches.

Find that here under: “Local LGBT Affirming Churches” and “National LGBT Affirming Religious Organizations.”

If you pay Connecticut tax money, know that your money is being taken from you, in part, to promote the political action of the Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood, and to promote changing Catholic and Easter Orthodox Church doctrines.

Contact Connecticut and say no to S.B. 899 that would codify Connecticut’s approach which right now is using tax dollars to

• Co-opt religion
• Undermine parents’ authority
• And promote political causes

S.B. 899 codifies this current practice by:

• Condoning homosexuality or bisexuality or “any equivalent lifestyle,” putting believing Catholics at odds with the law.
• Authorizing the promotion of homosexuality or bisexuality in schools, without need for parents’ further approval.
• Permitting the use of quotas of homosexuals, bisexuals or “transgendered” in affirmative action.
• Establishing “sexual orientation” as a separate cultural classification, with all that entails.

If S.B. 899 becomes law, we know what material to expect: It’s already up at It re-interprets the Bible, attempts doctrinal changes, promotes political causes and usurps parents rights. If Connecticut takes those pages down, it will only be until S.B. 899 passes—if Catholics let it pass.

This precedent is dangerous for the nation. The state is the state. It’s not the Church. It’s not the parent. It’s not to be used to promote the pet causes of those who work in the government.

Here are Connecticut’s U.S. senators and U.S. representatives’ contact information.

Here are Connecticut’s statewide officials’ contact information (with legislators linked on the side).