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Readers Defend the Register

BY Tom Hoopes

| Posted 12/2/08 at 12:55 PM


Thanks for the kind words so many readers have sent to me after I published my e-mail address.

Wrote one woman, on behalf of her family:

“The Register is an oasis of truth in a desert of lies. I too hope readers will drink deeply and respond in life giving ways. Our family has great respect and gratitude for the clear voice of the Register, which helped us maintain sanity through this last election cycle!”

Wrote another:

“I see no evidence in any of your coverage that you are pro-Obama. I simply see the truth, i.e., that God is still in charge, and that as Catholic Christians, we participate in the political process, but we do not take it as our faith.”

Wrote one man:

“I’d just like to say I actually liked the ‘Our President’ post when I first read it, since it show’s the proper attitude towards what happened, and I can’t really comprehend the criticism. I would like to thank the whole team there for producing a great newspaper.  I only discovered you fairly recently, but I do definitely plan on subscribing now.”

Another man simply shared a Scripture quote and wrote:

“Tom, Rejoice and keep up the good work.”

We will, with God’s grace.

We will continue in our effort to offer hope and a warning. The hope: We still have pro-life and pro-marriage majorities. We have the power of truth on our side. The warning: An extremely likable man whose policies deny some people the right to live has just been elected president. Many pro-life people and pro-marriage people voted for him. We need to win them back. To simply be right and angry isn’t enough.

We need to reach out and deepen our majorities. We no longer have a choice. The battle of the culture of life vs. the culture of death is the battle of our time.

We can win it, if we fight.

— Tom Hoopes