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Our Hope Wasn’t in McCain

BY Tom Hoopes

| Posted 11/22/08 at 12:30 PM


“It might seem like things are bleak and getting bleaker.” So begins the first editorial in our “Hope for America” series.

“The truth is, there are several things we can do to either ensure that this is the first step of a crushing defeat on the one hand, or the beginning of a new victory on the other.” Readers of “Our President” and this week’s Letters will know where that “first step of a crushing defeat’ thing is going.

But where’s the hope?

“In a way, the election is an opening for us. We never had high hopes for John McCain, who voted to take money from our paychecks and use it to pay scientists to kill embryos. Our hope is in the Holy Spirit, who is far more powerful than the media at getting our message out.

“With his help, we can win this. And we must.

“Reality is slowly overtaking the abortion debate. Each year, a larger majority of Americans reports to pollsters that they are pro-life. It is only a matter of time before revulsion against abortion will reach a critical mass — a ‘tipping point,’ to use a marketing phrase. At that point, predominant cultural attitudes toward the right to life will swing so far so fast, they will appear to have changed ‘overnight,’ while in reality this respect for life will have been growing incrementally for years.”

More on that in “Hope for America 1: the Pro-Life Majority” ... and more hope in part two, on marriage, tomorrow.

— Tom Hoopes