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Adrienne’s Orders to Pro-Lifers

BY Tom Hoopes

| Posted 11/9/08 at 6:31 AM


Here’s another cinematic take on pro-lifers’ predicament. I’ll set the scene, in case you don’t remember it (and finish it, in case you don’t want to watch the whole thing). Rocky is seeing his infant son for the first time. Adrienne has been in a coma since the birth, and Rocky has spent that time in church, praying for her.

In obedience to Adrienne’s orders, Rocky goes back to basics, relearning what made him great, and inspiring followers among the youth by the very zeal of his conviction.

Pro-lifers: After a tough election, we, too, need to decide not to be defeated, and train. For instance, on the home page, scroll down to the “Hot Topics” box to find articles about marriage and life. Read them. Share them.

Under the “Resources” tab above, find print-and-hand-out “How to Be Catholic” guides to returning to Mass, confession, prayer and more.

Your own town provides the Church and tabernacle you need for the prayer part.

As Mickey said, what are we waiting for?

— Tom Hoopes