National Catholic Register


‘We Come to It at Last’

BY Tom Hoopes

| Posted 11/8/08 at 5:31 AM


Here’s Gandalf with an alternate take on the election results, as regards the right-to-life battle.

Now, hear me out. Obama’s our leader. He’s not Sauron. He’s not even the steward Denethor, exactly. But what Pope John Paul II called the culture of death is on the rise. And we who promote the culture of life may look out on the bleak landscape and say “All is lost.”

Assisted suicide won in Washington and the right to life lost in South Dakota, California and Michigan. Even the marble towers of Minas Tirith, D.C., are in the grip of the culture of death.

But Christ has a way of making these “all is lost” scenarios turn around ... if his people stand their ground. Pray for Frodo and Sam, whoever they are and wherever they are, because you know they’re out there. And let’s amass the troops for a final stand. The kind of final stand that turns to victory.

“We come to it at last ... the great battle of our time.”

Enjoy the deep breath before the plunge. See you at the March for Life.

— Tom Hoopes