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Space Age Cathedral

BY Tom McFeely

| Posted 9/24/08 at 4:55 PM


“If the Jetsons were Catholic, they would worship here,” the Oakland Tribune enthuses in an article about Oakland’s new Cathedral of Christ the Light.

The $190-million cathedral will be consecrated and dedicated tomorrow at a special private Mass.

The cathedral project, which took only three years to complete, is replete with 21st-century features such as bead-blasted candleholders, holy texts illuminated in stainless steel and embedded in the concrete floor, and a laser-generated, 58-foot-high image of Christ on the cathedral’s 90-foot Omega window.

The cathedral complex includes offices, a conference center and a free health clinic, staffed by a doctor and a nurse practitioner and volunteer physicians.

A video by the Oakland Tribune about the Cathedral of Christ the Light is can be viewed here.

More information about the new cathedral is available here at its website.

— Tom McFeely