National Catholic Register


Put Us to Work

BY Father Owen Kearns, LC

June 8-14, 2008 Issue | Posted 6/3/08 at 1:53 PM


I’ve been blessed to travel the country a little bit this spring, and I’ve met many Register readers. Many are very concerned with the future of the country, particularly with regard to the issues of abortion and marriage.

The Register provides an invaluable tool for following both these issues. But we never tire of pointing out that, after reading the Register, you can act. Write to your representatives in state and federal government to tell them to defend marriage.

To find out who your representatives are and where they stand on the issues, go to and type in your ZIP code. To check an office-holder’s voting records on marriage, choose “Voting Records” then “Civil Liberties and Civil Rights.” Be sure to read the details of each vote, because sometimes they are named in a confusing way.

We also never tire of pointing out that we must pray, pray, pray for the family, following the example of Pope Benedict XVI himself. Say a daily Rosary and add the protection of the family as one of your intentions.