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BY Jim Cosgrove

November 14-20, 1999 Issue | Posted 11/14/99 at 1:00 PM


It's far less common for medical students to receive abortion training today than it was 10 years ago, according to Human Life International's June 1999 report. Part of the reason, the reports says, is a lack of interest among budding doctors and nurses. The following statistics indicate one thing very clearly — the majority of today's abortion providers are at the tail end of their career.

• In 1987, 56% of all medical schools taught how to perform abortions; in 1997, only 12% did.

• The average age of abortionists in America is 58.

• In 1990, 65% of registered nurses said they'd willingly take part in abortions. By 1998, 35% said they would.

• Between 1988-1996 the number of abortion providers fell from 2,586 to 2,042 — a drop of 21%.