National Catholic Register


A Helping Hand

BY Jim Cosgrove

January 31 - February 6, 1999 Issue | Posted 1/31/99 at 2:00 PM


Dr. Dan Jacob, an ear, nose, and throat specialist from Louisiana, attended his first Helping Hand Medical Mission last fall and plans to make three of the four scheduled missions next year. For him it was a life-changing event.

“For all of us (doctors from Louisiana) it was a completely magnificent and wonderful experience,” he said. “We went with the thought of giving of ourselves, and we did. But what we got back in return so far exceeded what we gave; we were the ones who received.”

He was touched by the faith and kindness of the people, who have tiny, two-room houses, no running water for bathing or washing clothes, and no regular medical care.

“If they have to wait all day to see you, they would wait all day and still be grateful,” he said. “It makes you realize how much the things you have are impediments to your spiritual well-being.”