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BY Jim Cosgrove

August 15-21, 1999 Issue | Posted 8/15/99 at 1:00 PM


Did You Know?

The most common response to the epidemic of veneral disease and unwed pregnancy has been more education about hygiene and condoms. In Britain, this approach has failed miserably ó causing civil authorities to reconsider the school systemís approach. Human Life International cited these statistics in a July letter:

• BBC reported in a recent documentary called ìPanoramaî that reports of gonorrhea among 16-19 year olds rose 46% in 1995-97. Cases of chlamydia rose 56%

• At the same time, according to research by the Health and Education Authority, only 33% of young people have heard of syphilis, 39% of gonorrhea, 51% of herpes and 14% of chlamydia.