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U.N. Agencies Poised to Promote Abortion And Homosexuality at Cairo+5 Conference

BY Jim Cosgrove

September 20-26, 1998 Issue | Posted 9/20/98 at 1:00 PM


NEW YORK—More than a dozen top U.N. agencies issued a report in late August that will likely serve as the feminist and homosexual game plan for the International Conference on Population and Development (Cairo+5) scheduled for next June in New York City.

Entitled Round Table of Human Rights Treaty Bodies on Human Rights Approaches to Women's Health with a Focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, the report was developed by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and signed by, among others, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Advance copies began circulating in recent days among pro-family NGOs and the more traditional member states of the U.N. General Assembly. One Middle Eastern delegate to the General Assembly said “the Round Table Report is full of alarming things.”

If the report is any indication, it is the intention of U.N. agencies to promote the most radical notions of women's “rights” at the Cairo+5 Conference. The report calls for a combination of complete reproductive and sexual freedom, including abortion on demand, and also for special rights for homosexuals to be enforced by governments.

The Round Table Report also asserts that the “women's rights” agenda should supersede traditional norms, presumably even religious norms. The report states that “a human rights approach to women's health creates an international standard that transcends culture, tradition, and society norms.”

A linchpin in the effort to get internationally recognized abortion on demand is the legitimate problem of maternal mortality in many parts of the globe.

Feminists insist that abortion on demand would greatly reduce maternal mortality, the incidence of which they routinely overstate by citing undocumented figures. In the Round Table Report, UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Nafis Sadik claims the number is 585,000 deaths worldwide per year, a figure circulated by UNICEF since 1996. But the U.N. Population Division specifically rejects this estimate as impossible to substantiate.

Besides a major focus on abortion, the Round Table Report also takes a very aggressive stance in the area of “homosexual rights.” It asserts that discrimination based on “sexual orientation” is banned by existing prohibitions against discrimination in human rights documents…

An official Cairo +5 preparatory committee meeting convenes next February in The Hague. (Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute)