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BY Brother John Raymond

August 10-16, 2003 Issue | Posted 8/10/03 at 1:00 PM


Thinking of heading somewhere for summer vacation, but not sure where to go? Be sure to check into these Catholic travel sites.

A few years ago I met James Adair, the president of Regina Tours, at a conference. Its Web site,, has helpful information on a number of sites popular with Catholic pilgrims. Hot spots include the shrines of France; Rome, Assisi and Florence; Fatima, Lourdes and Spain; various locales in Ireland; Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico; and the California missions.

I met young Catholic travel writer Kevin Wright, president of Catholic Adventures International (, at another conference. His company provides guided tours of Europe, North America, the Caribbean and other places. It also offers exclusive opportunities to interact with top Catholic speakers and experts.

Dr. Rosalie Turton, whom I have known for a number of years, began the 101 Foundation, named after the 101 tears that Our Lady shed in the approved apparitions in Akita, Japan. Turton makes sure that pilgrims make a pilgrimage and are not just taking a vacation. Her Web site is at

Bob and Penny Lord are internationally known pilgrimage directors who lead tours to the shrines of Europe, Mexico and North America. Their Web site, Journeys of Faith (, lists a few pilgrimages for 2003.

I know nothing about Best Catholic Pilgrimages at, but it claims to offer the best pilgrimages at affordable prices, along with a priest or bishop as a spiritual leader. Sounds like a Web site worth a visit to me.