National Catholic Register


Protestant Group Marches Against Birth-Control Pills

BY Jim Cosgrove

September 1, 1996 Issue | Posted 9/1/96 at 2:00 PM


DEMONSTRATING at a research facility of the Searle drug company in Skokie, Ill., on Aug. 17, Protestants Against Birth Control accused Searle of making birth-control pills that sometimes cause early abortions.

Searle spokesman Charles Fry later said that “over 40 years of scientific study and utilization have shown that” the birthcontrol pill acts mainly “to prevent ovulation.” Fry didn't deny that they sometimes have an abortifacient effect, saying, “that's their contention.”

Organizers said there were about 30 demonstrators. Fry estimated the number at 15-25. Several pro-life groups, including the American Life League and the Pro-Life Action League, co-sponsored the protest.

Rev. Michael Skott, director of Protestants Against Birth Control, has urged Searle “to research, develop, produce and market only drugs which help and heal people.” (Mary Meehan)