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Appointments & Meetings

BY Jim Cosgrove

November 18-24, 2001 Issue | Posted 11/18/01 at 1:00 PM



Saturday, Nov. 3

E Bishop Jorge Gómez Serna as bishop of Magangue, Colombia.

E Archbishop Antonio Moreno Casamitjana of Concepción, Chile, as a member of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

E Legionay Father Alvaro Corcuera Martínez del Rió as a consultor of the Congregation for Bishops.

E Bishop Joseph Galante, coadjutor of Dallas, as a member, and Msgr. Francis Maniscalco, communications secretary of the United States Catholic Bishops' Conference, as a consultor of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.

Tuesday, Nov. 6

E Archbishop Agostino Marchetto as secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant Peoples.

Wednesday, Nov. 7

E Father Stephen Rotluanga as bishop of Aizawl, India.

E Bishop Victor Pérez Rojas as bishop of San Fernando de Apure, Venezuela.

Met with

Saturday, Nov. 3

E Archbishop Manuel Monteiro de Castro, apostolic nuncio in Spain and the Principality of Andorra.

E Archbishop Anthony Soter Fernandez of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on his ad limina visit, which heads of dioceses make every five years to review their diocese with the Pope and Vatican officials.

E Archbishop Nicholas Chia of Singapore, on his ad limina visit.

E Bishop James Soon Cheong of Melaka-Johor, Malaysia, on his ad limina visit.

E Participants in a pilgrimage promoted by the “Schutzen” Association. ECardinals Opilio Rossi, Giuseppe Caprio, Antonio Innocenti, Paul Augustin Mayer, Alfons Maria Stickler, Angelo Felici, Giovanni Canestri, Antonio Mariá Javierre Ortas, José Sánchez, Fiorenzo Angelini and Luigi Poggi.

Monday, Nov. 5

E Rudolf Schuster, president of the Slovak Republic.

Tuesday, Nov. 6

E Cardinal Camillo Ruini, Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia and Bishops Enzo Dieci, Armando Brambilla, Vincenzo Apicella, Salvatore Fisichella and Luigi Moretti.

E Cardinal Adam Maida and members of the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center of Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, Nov. 7

E Archbishop George Panikulam, apostolic nuncio in Honduras.

E Cardinal Camillo Ruini, Bishop Vincenzo Apicella and two priests of Santa Maria Mater Dei, a Roman parish.

E Four members of the bishops' conference of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei on their ad limina visit.

Thursday, Nov. 8

E Three members of the bishops' conference of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei on their ad limina visit.